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Hike to Lopes Mendes

While we were in Brazil, we traveled to the island paradise known as Ilha Grande.  The beauty of the island is that there are no roads, no cars or buses, and 106 pristine beaches that you can reach either by boat or by hiking through the Atlantic rainforest that layers the island.  While it rained poured the entire 5 days we were on the island, we still made the best of it – relaxing with caipirinhas, good food, and enjoying the beautiful scenery from a hammock on our balcony.  We decided to hike to the famous Lopes Mendes beach from the main village of Abraão, which ended up being a fun and slippery 3.5 hour trip, but well worth it in the end.  We managed to relax on the beach for a bit and even got to see a marmoset (awesome monkeys that are all over Rio & Ilha Grande).  Mission accomplished.

I had my camera in my bag for the majority of the hike…not the most optimal conditions to say the least.

Rad graffiti seems to be a constant theme in Brazil…the second one is an outline of Ilha Grande.


A celebration after the 3.5 hour slog through the rainforest – an ice cold Brahma beer.

FINALLY saw a marmoset – made carrying the 70-200 totally worth it.

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