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Cartagena Street Vendor

As I’ve said in the past, it’s been said that luck is when preparation meets opportunity…this was certainly one of those times.  This was our last day in Cartagena before flying home, and we were perusing a few little bakeries and stores, slowly making our way back to our hotel to grab our bags.  I happened to look across the street and saw this street vendor on a mission walking down the street.  I knew I couldn’t pass this shot up, so I did what most people would do – run through traffic without a word to catch up with this guy.  100% worth the effort to get this shot.

Cartagena Street Vendor, Colombia

Jesse Pafundi - Great street work here. Love the placement of him in the frame. Its as if he’s guiding you down the street.

Lee Brown - Worth the effort Brian. Slice of life!

Adita - Great ending to a great trip!

A.Barlow - Really nice shot. Nice insight into a bit of life there.

Len Saltiel - Great street shot Brian. That’s quite a load he has there.

Chris DeAngelis - Nice capture! Love the vibrance of the scene.

Edith Levy - Well worth the effort…I hope the traffic stopped for you. Terrific shot Brian.

Steve Beal - Sweet capture kid!!!

Justin - Great find, way to be ready!

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