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Portraits of Providence

This was a mini-project I wanted to do while I was on Providencia — get to know some of the locals and take some genuine portraits.

Greg, with a fresh catch.  Note the stylish bling on his wrist.

Greg, Providencia Colombia

Twins who were in the water at Southwest Beach with us watching the weekly horse race (from a safe-ish distance).

Everesto Howard, with an enormous shark jaw from a catch he made two days prior to meeting him.  Absolutely nuts.

Everesto Howard, Providencia, Colombia

Willy, who owned another beach bar a few paces down from Richard’s Place, where this photo was taken.

Willy, Providencia, Colombia

Richard, owner of Richard’s Place.

Betito.  AKA Poseidon.

Betito’s kids at their house.

Roland Morgan, owner of Roland’s Beach Bar on Manzanillo Beach.

Everesto again, after anywhere from 2-8 rum cocktails.

Kindred spirit.  Also brought his own rum to the bar at 11AM.


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